Stainless Steel Specialists

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We are stainless steel tank fabrication experts based in Tualatin, Oregon. We serve the micro brewing, wine making, and cider making industries. We ply the tools of our trade to make metal work for you. Be it stainless steel, carbon steel, or aluminum, we have the tools, know-how, connections, and experience to get the job done right. We are proud to manufacture our vessels here in the USA. image1




  Stainless Steel Tanks
(Beer, Wine, Cider, Food)
Stainless Steel Plumbing
Glycol Jackets
Glycol Chillers
Transfer Pumps
Tank Accessories
Glycol Temp & Flow Controllers
Heating & Cooling Panels
Food Service & Production Equipment
(Customization, Modification, Repair)
Stainless Steel Sheet Fabrication
(Countertops, Shelving, Paneling)
Custom Stainless Steel Parts
  Welding (TIG & MIG)
Metal Fabrication and Repair
Metal Forming
Computer Aided Drafting and Design
Plasma, Laser, and Waterjet Cutting
Grinding, Finishing, and Polishing
Pipe Fitting and Welding
Glycol Plumbing
Sanitary Tubing Work
(Fitment, Purge Welding, and Finishing)
Tank Insulation and Cladding
Tank Fitting / Ferrule Installation